Our Regenerative Therapies utilize the most advanced biotechnology available.

For years the most recognizable athletes in the world have used stem-cell regenerative therapy to heal and rebuild their joints. This technology is now available as the DX100 & PX50 treatment series at Rejuvinix.

With our Regenerative therapies there is no need to perform painful and invasive bone marrow or adipose tissue aspirations. Rejuvinix uses a cryopreserved tissue matrix that is ready for immediate patient use. It is treated with proprietary Hydratek technology that maintains biologically active stem-cells, while removing any unwanted antigens. This allows the body to heal and regenerate itself naturally.

Rejuvinix also offers ProPlaz a type of Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. This treatment utilizes the body’s own platelet-derived growth and healing factors found within the blood. With this treatment we are able reintroduce your own plasma that contains high amounts of healing and regenerative properties. Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation to see how our treatments can help you.