Non-Surgical Hip Pain Treatments in Virginia Beach & Milwaukee

Rejuvinix Hip Pain Joint Treatment

The hips are large, weight-bearing, multiaxial joints. They are also referred to as ball-and-socket joints because of how the spherical thigh bone sits inside the hollow socket of the pelvis. The shape it creates imitates a perfect ball-and-socket.

The hip is one of the strongest yet most flexible joints in the human body. Second, only to the shoulder, hips allow for the greatest range of motion.

Hips have a symbiotic relationship with the large muscle groups that surround it. The muscles surrounding the hips create the foundation that allows our legs to move freely in all directions.

Like the knee, hips are a common location of pain due to mechanical stress and movement. Hip pain is typically caused by an injury to the area, arthritis or another type of condition such as sciatica.

Rejuvinix offers specialized, non-surgical treatments for hips that can significantly reduce pain and increase their functionality.