Where do Regenerative Cell treatments come from?

Regenerative cells can come from a variety of sources within the body. Typically, they are harvested from bone marrow of the hip via a semi-invasive procedure that allows a provider to extract the active cells. Another way to harvest regenerative cells is to perform a more invasive procedure called a Lipogem. This procedure allows regenerative cells to be extracted from fat tissue which is then processed to concentrate the active cells. At Rejuvinix we offer multiple regenerative options both allogeneic and autologous. We utilize the newest biotechnology through active cryopreserved cells, which is ready for immediate patient use. We also utilized the newest, minimally invasive FDA approved device to extract the most viable regenerative cells from your body.

What is the cost of a total knee replacement surgery?

The average cost of a total knee replacement surgery in Virginia is close to $25,000 with some facilities approaching costs near $50,000. A typical Medicare patient with no supplemental health insurance can have out-of-pocket costs between $5,000-$10,000. At Rejuvinix we offer a cost-effective solution to help decrease pain and increase function without any downtime.

What is the cost of Regenerative Cells treatment?

Regenerative cells have been gaining a lot of medical attention as the future of medicine. The exciting part of regenerative cells is their ability to grow new cells and tissue within the body. Currently, regenerative cell treatments are not covered by insurance but like PRP; insurance companies typically cover the treatments surrounding our regenerative cell therapy. An estimated cost of a regenerative cell treatment ranges from $1,000-$3,000.

What is the cost of the PRP treatment series?

PRP is a new and exciting treatment that is widely used to treat osteoarthritic joint pain and other orthopedic conditions. Insurance does not cover the PRP injection itself but insurance generally covers the treatments surrounding it. The typical cost for the PRP injection itself ranges from $300-$700, depending on which joints are being treated.

What is the cost of the Visco-6 Knee Series treatment?

Since our Visco-6 Knee Series treatment is covered by most insurance plans, the exact cost can vary depending on the plan type, if your deductible is met or if you have supplemental health insurance. On average a typical Medicare patient with no supplemental insurance will have a co-insurance cost between $400-$900 for the entire treatment series.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, our Visco-6 treatment series is FDA approved and complications are extremely rare with these therapies.

What conditions do you treat?

We have the ability to treat a wide variety of conditions from ligament injuries, fluid collections, inflammation to chronic joint pain all non-surgically.

How long does the therapy take?

Your first appointment is the longest as we conduct a full health history and assessment. After that, each appointment will take less than 30 minutes. Depending on which therapy is right for you, you will visit us once or twice a week for 3-5 weeks to deliver the therapy.

How long do the therapies last?

Each patient will respond differently to the therapies but it is not uncommon for patients to have relief for a year or more.

Are these therapies covered by insurance?

Yes, Medicare and most major carriers cover all the aspects of the Visco-6 treatment series for knees. Depending on the exact plan you may have little to no out of pocket expenses.

How is Rejuvinix different from a traditional orthopedic practice?

Rejuvinix specializes in cutting-edge non-surgical treatments; we do not perform any invasive surgery.

What is the difference between Regenerative Cells and PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is a component of your blood and helps stimulate the healing of current tissue and cells. Regenerative cells can come from a wide variety of sources and stimulate the growth of new tissue and cells.

Are PRP or Regenerative cells covered by insurance?

Since PRP and regenerative cells are so new to medicine, insurance does not yet cover the cost of these particular treatments.

Can I receive Regenerative cell injections in more than one joint?

Yes, as long as you are experiencing discomfort or decreased function in multiple joints.

Will these therapies help me if I’ve had joint replacement surgery?

No, if you have had a total joint replacement our injection based therapies will not help because your natural joint is no longer there and has been replaced with metal or plastic. If you have had partial joint surgery our therapies can still help.