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Mission Statement

Non-surgical therapies to restore and renew your life while relieving joint pain.

Rejuvinix was founded by top medical professionals in their respective fields and have combined knowledge and resources to offer the best care to patients. At Rejuvinix, we have the ability to treat a wide range of patients, from sports-related injuries to patients with chronic joint pain. It is our goal to provide patients with the best, most clinically advanced, non-surgical joint pain therapies. Our exclusive and groundbreaking Visco-6 treatment series is FDA-approved and is a safe, long-term therapy to help you achieve a more dynamic lifestyle.

Our Unique Approach

Rejuvinix is different from a traditional medical practice. We are reinventing the standard medical delivery model to allow our patients more immediate access to medical providers and cost-effective health services. We strive to be transparent and efficient during our process with you while increasing patient empowerment.

Everything we do at Rejuvinix is tailored to meet your specific needs. We have assembled the best team of medical professionals, including physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses. When you come to Rejuvinix, you become part of the team that helps get your joints healthy. Come in and experience the Rejuvinix difference and discover how our team approach can help you restore your quality of life.


How We Treat Joint Pain

Our scientifically proven treatments help relieve pain, restore function to slow the progression of osteoarthritis, delaying or eliminating major surgery. Our patients can see significant improvements in everyday life, living with reduced joint pain and increased quality of life.

Schedule a Complimentary Appointment

Rejuvinix is happy to offer you a complimentary appointment. This includes a meeting with one of our board-certified providers and a discussion regarding the available treatments at Rejuvinix and how they can help you.

We’ll take the time to learn about your pain and discuss previous failed attempts to manage it. If we determine Rejuvinix to be right for you, we can begin the appropriate treatments right away.

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