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Lasting Joint Relief Starts Here

The Visco-6 Series was developed by the board-certified physicians at Rejuvinix to help reduce pain and rejuvenate the joint. The purpose of this innovative non-surgical treatment series is to provide patients a highly effective and long-term solution to decrease pain and increase function. Visco-6 is designed with 6 different steps to help the patient achieve the best results with no down-time.

Visco-6 Treatment Series

Step 01

Our team will perform a biomechanical assessment of you and your joint to determine the cause of your pain using advanced medical imaging. One of our board-certified physicians will review your images with you and our team will then develop a treatment plan that best fits your needs.

step one
Step 02

A lubricating injectable medication, will be introduced into the joint space. Our imaging equipment allows for precise guidance into the joint space in the exact location needed to provide the best results.

step one
Step 03

Our staff of licensed physical therapists will work with you to help strengthen, re-balance and restore your joints. Our customized therapy systems allows you to rehabilitate your joints stress-free in an anti-gravity environment, utilizing technology developed by NASA. This allows you to regain significant strength and functionality with decreased pain.

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Step 04

Our cutting-edge bracing systems realign, stabilize and facilitate increased range of motion within the joints. This allows the body to redistribute weight and pressure away from the weakened portion of the joint.

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Step 05

We will provide you the tools to prolong your new-found quality of life. We will help develop a long-lasting nutrition and exercise plan that will reduce inflammation and enhance the success of your therapies on your own.

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Step 06

Our work never ends. Our staff will continue with detailed follow-ups to evaluate your pain level and functionality, as needed. We have specialized tools to provide optimize your treatment success, even after the series is completed.

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