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Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain when bending is a common complaint that can be the result of any number of injuries or diseases. Sports injuries, long-term history of overworking, and arthritis are just a small handful of common conditions that can lead to knee pain when bending. The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body, therefore it is very susceptible to injuries and damage.

Persistent knee pain when bending can be due to rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, torn meniscus, cysts, dislocation, or infection. Physical examination of the knee is usually required to precisely identify the direct cause of an individual’s knee pain.

As uncomfortable and irritating as ongoing knee pain may be, relief may come with knowing that it is typically a treatable condition. Even if the underlying cause is difficult to treat, the pain and other symptoms can be greatly lessened through knee braces or our non-surgical knee treatment.

Non-Surgical Knee Treatment – Visco-6 Knee Treatment

The Visco-6 Treatment Series was developed by the board-certified physicians at Rejuvinix to help reduce pain and rejuvenate the joint. The purpose of this innovative non-surgical treatment series is to provide patients a highly effective and long-term solution to decrease pain and increase function. Visco-6 is designed with 6 different steps to help the patient achieve the best results with no down-time.

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