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The Unloader® Hip Brace

Covered by Medicare and most major insurance companies.

Rejuvinix is the first provider to offer this new and innovative hip-bracing solution. The Unloader® Hip is one of the best treatment options for those suffering from Hip Osteoarthritis (OA) and is covered by Medicare and most major insurance companies. It is worn discreetly underneath clothing for everyday activities.

Patients with symptomatic OA are experiencing a significant reduction in pain as a result of using the brace and when combined with other treatment solutions, hip pain can sometimes be eliminated completely.

The Unloader® Hip

Even though OA can occur in any of the joints in the body, it typically develops in weight-bearing joints, such as the hip. In most cases, OA is caused by a disruption in the alignment of the joints resulting in an abnormal distribution of weight and improper joint dynamics. This wears down the joint cartilage and the underlying bone, causing pain and stiffness, while also preventing you from carrying out daily activities.

Because OA tends to worsen over time, the sooner you start treatment, the better chance you have of lessening its impact on your life. By reducing stress across the joint to allow for proper healing, the Unloader® Hip can help you manage your pain and get you back to the everyday activities you love.

Call today to start your journey towards a life free from hip pain!

How it Works

  1. The Unloader® Hip brace reduces pain by optimizing load dispersion on the affected joint surface through the rotation and abduction of the femoral head (highest part of the thigh bone).
  2. The adjustment occurs during the swing phase (when your foot is not in contact with the ground) providing adapted positioning for when your heel comes back into contact with the ground.
  3. The load is dispersed through an area of less worn cartilage reducing the stress on the joint to allow for optimal healing.

Providing Relief for Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis

Rejuvinix optimizes its Hip Osteoarthritis treatment process through the use of the Unloader® Hip brace in order to improve mobility and decrease pain.

Easy to Use

The Unloader® Hip is easy to use and adjust with its pocket wrap closure system and pulley system that is easy to tighten.

Optimum Comfort

Breathable materials and integrated elastic sections make the Unloader® Hip comfortable and allow it to fit snug around the body, which also makes it easier to fit under clothing.

Improved Mobility

The Unloader® Hip provides support to the hip by compressing the affected area. Then the Rotation Control Strap allows individual adjustment of hip abduction and the external rotation force, resulting in improved mobility.

The Unloader® Hip is perfect for patients suffering from mild to moderate Hip OA. Contact us today to learn how Rejuvinix can change your life!

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