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Rejuvinix Virginia Beach

Rejuvinix Virginia Beach

Visit Rejuvinix in Virginia Beach

Where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean lies a charming coastal city that is home to mouthwatering cuisine, a captivating history, a rich culture of arts and entertainment, and a plethora of family-friendly activities that attract thousands of visitors each year. Traveling to Rejuvinix in Virginia Beach shouldn’t be boring – explore what we have to offer!

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Virginia Beach, VA 23462

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A History Like No Other

As the first planned state park in Virginia, the First Landing State Park is where Jamestown colonists first landed in 1607. Nestled alongside Cape Henry, it resembles a quaint bayside town filled with outdoor attractions and peaceful getaways. Hike along the bald cypress swamps, lagoons, and maritime forest – don’t forget a camera for all the rare plants and wildlife it has to offer. With 20 miles of trails, 1.5 miles of picturesque Chesapeake beaches, and a stunning 3-mile oceanfront boardwalk, you’ll never want to leave. Rent a bicycle and explore the waterways that provided merchant mariners, pirates, and military ships with fresh water during the War of 1812.

Not only is Virginia Beach a hub of American revolutionary history, but it was also home to one of history’s most infamous pirates, Blackbeard. He was said to have commanded hundreds of men and dozens of ships, pillaging vessels and murdering their crews all along the east coast and the Caribbean Sea. Piracy, which increased due to commerce, led to the construction of the Cape Henry Lighthouse. It was used to guide ships at night, helping them avoid the wrath of greedy swashbucklers.

The Coast At Your Fingertips

As one of the leaders in ecotourism, Virginia Beach is home to miles of beautifully preserved coastlines. One of the more secluded shores, located right up against the Atlantic Ocean, is a quiet seaside enclave called Sandbridge Beach. A few miles south, you can visit the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and see sea turtle nesting grounds, rare wild bird colonies, and miles of untamed beach where human impact is kept to a minimum.

With a huge variety of waterfront destinations, take a new form of transportation and revel in the sights of our coastlines. Rent a kayak or paddleboard and allow yourself to reconnect with nature. If you’re lucky, the dolphins might join you!

More Than Just Crabs

The cuisine of Virginia Beach is simply unmatched in freshness and flavor. Dine like a local and try our blue crabs, always fresh and always in season. With an ever-expanding craft beer scene, you can try new brews and expand your hoppy horizons. From mom-and-pop BBQ joints to colorful Hawaiian-inspired poke bowl cafes, you’ll find anything and everything you could possibly savor. Don’t worry about sticking to your diet – with our abundant local agriculture and farm-to-table restaurants, you’ll be overwhelmed with the healthy choices! Check out the restaurant directory.


For the most part, Virginia Beach is the perfect combination of breezy and sunny. Occasional rain showers allow the greenery and wildlife to flourish, making the waterfront city brim with natural scenery and one-of-a-kind landscapes.


How We Treat Joint Pain

Our scientifically proven treatments help relieve pain, restore function and to slow the progression of osteoarthritis, delaying or eliminating major surgery. Our patients can see significant improvements in everyday life, living with reduced joint pain and increased quality of life.

Schedule a Complimentary Appointment

Rejuvinix is happy to offer you a complimentary appointment. This includes a meeting with one of our board-certified providers and a discussion regarding the available treatments at Rejuvinix and how they can help you. We’ll take the time to learn about your pain, and discuss previous failed attempts to manage it. If we determine Rejuvinix to be right for you, we can begin the appropriate treatments right away.

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