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Knee Braces & Pain Prevention in Virginia Beach

Knee braces can be helpful for nursing or preventing an injury and for dealing with pain due to arthritis. Wearing a brace is always a good idea for individuals who:

  • Participate in sports
  • Are in rehabilitation for a Knee Injury
  • Are experiencing knee pain from conditions such as arthritis

For those recovering from injuries, knee braces allow for slow, controlled movement that encourages the wearer to gradually ease back into a full range of motion. In addition, knee braces worn for arthritis are great for reducing pain and inflammation in the joint by adding support and distributing pressure.

Types of Knee Braces

There are different types of knee braces available for varying levels of discomfort and conditions.

Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves provide compression, which can help with pain and swelling. Knee sleeves are best for mild discomfort and arthritis. Because of their thin design, sleeves make the perfect knee brace for active individuals as they fit comfortably under clothing.

Wrap Braces

Wrap braces are an excellent choice for a partial knee brace as they offer compression and support. Wrap braces can be worn as a knee sleeve or a full brace, depending on the relief needed.

Hinge Braces

For a more rigid solution, hinge braces provide the most support. They maximize stability and protect against hyperextension of the knee (bending past its normal, healthy range). This brace is perfect for injuries such as a torn ACL or a fractured knee.

Determining which brace is right for you can be tricky as there are several factors to consider. Thankfully, the experts at Rejuvinix can help assess your knee’s current condition and provide helpful guidance for picking the correct type of knee brace for you.

Rejuvinix provides patients with non-surgical treatment options for joint and knee pain. If you are interested in learning more about knee braces and other treatment options, request an appointment today by filling out the form below.

The experts at Rejuvinix can help to assess your knees current condition and provide helpful guidance for picking the correct type of knee brace for you.

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