Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatments in Virginia Beach & Milwaukee


The knee is one of the largest and most complicated joints in the body. It is made up of many different components including 4 bones and 14 ligaments, which allow us to have dynamic mobility. Because of its complex makeup, the knee is vulnerable to various types of injuries.

Over the course of an average human life, a person walks over 100,000 miles. Simply put, our knees see a lot of wear and tear. Common knee injuries include arthritis complications, fractures, dislocation, and ligament & tendon injuries.

The knee is also the most common site where individuals experience joint pain. This type of pain ranges from mild irritation to completely debilitating.

Rejuvinix has created a revolutionary non-surgical, clinically and cost-effective, long-term treatment series for your joint pain. Our treatment series helps eliminate knee pain and increase knee function.