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Rejuvinix@Home – Treatment that adapts to you

At Rejuvinix, we understand that your treatment plan needs to expand past the walls of our clinic. Joint pain is not something that can be treated over the course of a one-hour, in-office visit — true pain relief takes effort from both the patient and the treating physician.

An at-home program that goes beyond the innovative treatments we provide at each of our clinics.

Rejuvinix@Home is designed to optimize our patients’ healthcare outcomes through advanced software and technology. With this program, our multidisciplinary team can track your progress and adjust your treatment plan to fit your lifestyle as needed.

In addition to our team of clinicians, each Rejuvinix@Home patient gets access to their own personal health concierge. This person is here to help the patient in their pain-relief journey by providing ways to restore and renew their lives.

Our unique approach to pain relief diverges from traditional medicine by allowing the patient to take an active role in their treatment plan. Rejuvinix@Home offers a truly personalized, patient-centered approach to wellness with treatments and therapies that evolve with the patient.

Together with our dedicated Rejuvinix@Home team, long-term pain relief is possible.

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