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The Best Resolutions For Lasting Health & Wellness 

The Best Resolutions For Lasting Health & Wellness 

Every January, we tell ourselves we’re going to be healthier. We set resolutions and buy expensive gear that we think will keep us on track. The truth behind New Year’s resolutions is that they’re not often created with the intention of maintaining a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. The key to becoming healthy and sticking with it is in small, consistent steps. 

Exercise, But Stay At Your Own Pace

You don’t need to work out 6 days a week to be healthy. Daily movement is recommended, but that looks different for everyone. If you don’t currently exercise, going for a walk a few times a week is a great place to start. You can increase your pace, distance, and frequency based on your comfort as your body adjusts. If walking isn’t your thing, biking, running, and swimming are all great ways to increase the heart rate. 

It is a widespread belief that in order for an exercise to make a difference, it needs to be high-intensity. However, studies show that exercising at a lower intensity for a longer period of time places less stress on the heart and lungs, which is essential for improving endurance and protecting heart health. Staying consistent with low-intensity cardio a few times a week is a great place to start. You can add some strength training to your exercise routine to maintain muscle mass, which is important for joint health. 

Dietary Changes That You Can Stick To

If eating healthier is your goal, making drastic cuts isn’t the best way to go about a dietary change unless there is a food that is impacting your health due to an allergy or intolerance. Sustainable dietary changes are made slowly and mindfully. 

The best place to start is identifying foods that you’d like to eventually eliminate. For example, if you want to cut out sugary drinks, try iced teas, seltzers sweetened with stevia, diluted cold-pressed plant juices, or fruit infused water. Eventually, substitutions can help you eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet much better than going cold turkey. 

Studies show that centering your food intake around Mediterranean dietary patterns is great for long-term health and wellness, both physically and mentally. According to historical and modern research, this way of eating has been around for over 5,000 years and is considered one of the best diets for humans. While it may look different for everyone, an excellent guideline to follow is a diet high in fruits, vegetables, unrefined grains, olive oil, legumes, nuts/seeds, moderate amounts of fish and dairy products, and low quantities of meat and meat products.

Motivation Is The Driving Force

Motivation comes in two parts: internal and external. Start by making your home an uplifting space for yourself. Write affirmations and words of encouragement and place them in areas around your home. Surround yourself with people who value health as much as you do, and notice how much better you feel. It’s important to be a part of a community where you can feel supported and encouraged to live your best life. 

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