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Our Revolutionary Therapy Treatments Utilizes NASA Technology and Custom Stabilization Systems.

Our Rejuvinix licensed therapist will personally evaluate your needs and develop an individualized treatment plan that will best rehabilitate your joints. Our therapists combine NASA technology with modern medicine to provide you with one of the most comprehensive plans available.

Our customized therapy system, developed from NASA’s astronaut low gravity fitness system is the first and only to be used in combination with Regenerative medicine. By reducing the effective weight of the patient up to 80%; walking, jogging, and running become effortless and significantly reduce the impact of stress on your newly rejuvenated joints. Visit us today and see how our anti-gravity system can help improve your joint function.

Reconfiguration through Custom Stabilization

The body is meant to be aligned from head to toe. When there is a disruption with alignment the patient experiences abnormal distribution of weight and improper joint dynamics. This can cause significant pain in various parts of the body. Rejuvinix employs advanced support and stabilization systems to correctly align your joints. These systems allow for a patient to maintain complete dynamic mobility while supporting and aligning.

A majority of patients that suffer from joint pain or decreased function display some degree of misalignment of a joint. As a result, extra pressure and grinding are placed directly on the bones of the joint, jeopardizing the fragile and worn cartilage. By adding support systems we reduce stress across the joint to allow for optimal healing. Contact Rejuvinix to learn more.

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