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Rejuvinix nutrition services are available to those receiving any of our pain relief services. These services work together to provide you maximum relief, and create healthy, sustainable lifestyles to support your goals.

You won’t find pseudo-science, fad diets, or trends that require infinite money or time. We provide you with nutrition counseling rooted in evidence and tailored to your individual needs.

Our food choices don’t happen in a vacuum, and our team learns about your lifestyle and preferences to address the root of the issue. We use a strength-based, goal-oriented approach, and are guided by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Code of Ethics: beneficence, justice, and autonomy.

Anyone can benefit from nutrition services. Learning about what, how, and why you eat can improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.

When experiencing joint pain, our bodies are in a state of inflammation. This is our body’s signal that something is wrong. This inflammation can lead or contribute to other chronic conditions.

Rejuvinix nutritional counseling can help manage chronic disease, including:

● Heart disease and stroke
● High blood pressure
● Kidney disease
● Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance
● Liver disease
● Cancer
● GI disorders
● Eating disorders and binge eating

Even if you’re just not feeling your best, talking to an RDN can support you in reaching your health goals.


Every person is different, and our bodies have their unique set of needs. Our team works with you to find out what is most important to your health and your lifestyle.

Initial Visit 

During our first visit, we will get to know each other. This appointment helps you learn more about the nutrition counseling process, and helps us learn more about how we might be able to best work together. If you have a list of medications, allergies, and recent blood work and lab results, these items can be useful for our assessment.

● 45 minutes
● Health and medical intake
● Social support assessment
● 24-hour dietary recall
● Goal-setting

Follow-up Visit (monthly)

During follow-up appointments, we will discuss progress and challenges from the last appointment. This is a time to ask questions, seek and provide feedback, and talk openly about achievements and concerns.

● 30 minutes
● Progress assessment
● Skill-building and nutrition education


Facebook, family, friends, the media – it seems like everyone has a different opinion about what you should be eating.

An RDN is a licensed professional with expertise in nutrition science, public health, counseling, and biochemistry. Their job is to sift through the evidence, and understand what really works. Think of them as a “food doctor,” who you can trust to give you accurate information.

As part of their training, RDNs complete:

● A bachelor and/or masters degree from an accredited dietetics program
● Three to four years of coursework in nutrition sciences and related fields
● 1,200 practice hours at a hands-on internship experience
● A nationally-accredited board exam
● Continuing education requirements

RDNs also receive extensive training in nutrition education and counseling methods. They are experts not only in food and nutrition, but also in motivating and empowering their clients.


Nutrition counseling is covered by most private insurance, and is covered under the Affordable Care Act for those at risk of chronic disease. On average, insurance covers nutrition-related appointments once every 30 days. Contact your insurance representative to confirm any costs.


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