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Non-Surgical Joint Treatments

As we age, our bodies take more time to heal. Body aches and joint pains become more common regardless of individual fitness level. Despite all the precautions we can take, patients can still experience certain conditions that result in pain and decreased quality of life. Swelling, fluid collection, ligament tears and osteoarthritis are just a few conditions that affect millions of people across the world. If you suffer from these conditions, Rejuvinix specializes in non-surgical treatments for your joints and allows you to increase the quality of your life while decreasing joint pain. Contact Rejuvinix to learn more.


Rejuvinix has created a revolutionary non-surgical, clinically and cost-effective, long-term treatment series for your joint pain. Our treatment series helps eliminate knee pain and increase knee function.

Neck & Back

Rejuvinix’s Total Spine Care can help patients find lasting relief from spine and back pain conditions using a minimally invasive approach that allows patients to resume normal activities the very next day.


The wearing down of cartilage within the shoulder can cause significant pain with any movement of the arm. With our specially designed treatments, we are able to reduce your shoulder pain and increase function without risky surgery.


Hip pain is typically caused by an injury to the area, arthritis, or another type of condition such as sciatica. Rejuvinix offers specialized, non-surgical treatments for hips that can reduce pain and increase functionality.

Additional Joints

Rejuvinix treats all types of joint pain around the body. Some common areas Rejuvinix treats are the Elbow, Feet, and Ankles. Rejuvinix offers effective non-surgical treatments to help get you back to your best self!

Patient Financing Available

Our financing makes it possible for you to receive the healthcare treatments and services you want and need without delay. This new program offers you flexible financing to meet your needs. The program offers an easier way to pay for treatments and procedures not covered by insurance, or to help cover your deductibles. There are many plans that offer convenient payments.

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